More and more people are exploring hobbies they can do in the safety of their own homes. This had created a renewed interest in beekeeping. One might assume that such a hobby is limited to the able-bodied, but nothing could be further from the truth!

Beekeeping With Disabilities was created to illustrate how beekeeping is an accessible hobby for everyone, including blind people, people with PTSD, people with mobility issues, and many more!

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Heroes to Hives video: Assistive Technology for Beekeepers

Organizations mentioned: Heros to Hives Agrability Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund Note The products mentioned here are examples, not endorsements. Similar products are available from multiple brands and vendors. Most items mentioned are used by many beekeepers; only a few are custom-made for increased accessibility For lifting hives or supers: Hive carrier. For two people https://www.mannlakeltd.com/beekeeping/hives/hive-carrier …


Beekeeping With Disabilities was created by Frank Linton, an EAS-Certified Master Beekeeper with diminished vision. Frank is the co-author of Hive Tour: The Insider’s Guide to Honey Bees, author of The Observation Hive Handbook, contributor to beekeeping magazines, invited speaker at beekeeping associations and civic groups, and mentor to new beekeepers. With his beekeeping partner, Frank runs a few hives in an urban backyard; he also keeps a bait hive on his balcony to catch passing swarms. 

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